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 My name is Corinne and I live near Sacramento, CA

 with my hubby, John. John retired about

 seven years ago now, so life is now much slower 


 I've always been a shutter bug!  For the last 30+

 years I've been taking photos. You name it....

 Birthday Parties, Small Weddings and of course

 Albums and Albums full of Family Events over the years.

Fifteen years ago, we were lucky enough to achieve our dearm of moving to the country.  The biggest part of the dream was to own Horses!  We are blessed to have 2 beautiful Horses, Chief and Duke. 

I took a BIG interest in the Local Horse Club and started taking photo's of everyone competing. That was when I really became serious about my photography. I took photos of the horses and riders as they preformed their different events. It was always a challenge because of the fast pace and not having a second to waste to get JUST the right shot! Check out my "HORSE PHOTO'S PAST," page 14.

As my interest continued to grow I found myself taking pictures of Landscapes, Animals, People, name it. In the last 8 years I've taken photo's at Small Weddings, Birthday parties and done Family and Baby Portraits!

 All of the photo's on my pages are available for

 purchase. The photo's are available in all sizes up

 to an 11x17 poster size. Size depends on which

 camera they were taken with.

 Please e-mail me at if you have

 any questions or comments.


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